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Ron Hamence played for the Australian cricket team in 1948, dubbed the
"Invincibles", when they went undefeated for an unprecedented
34 matches on a tour of England. He was not instrumental in the team's
success, and his selection was a subject of controversy because many
batsmen who had scored more runs in the preceding Australian season had
been overlooked. Hamence played in only non-Test tour matches to allow
the leading batsmen to conserve energy for the Tests, as play was
scheduled for six days a week. Because the team captain Donald Bradman
was reluctant to risk the team's unbeaten record, Hamence did not
receive many opportunities to bat high in the order, and scored only
582 runs at a batting average of 32.33, with a top-score of 99. He was
the only frontline Australian batsman not to score a century. The
remaining eight frontline batsmen each scored at least 973 runs and all
averaged no less than 47.30.

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Today's selected anniversaries:


Reconquista: The Granada War was effectively brought to an end
with the signing of the Treaty of Granada between Castile-Aragon and the
Emirate of Granada.


American Civil War: Confederate forces were defeated at the
Battle of Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga, Tennessee, opening the door
to the Union's invasion of the Deep South.


Albert Einstein presented to the Prussian Academy of Science
his field equations of general relativity.


Upon Suriname's independence from the Netherlands, Johan
Ferrier became its first president.


Band Aid, a supergroup consisting of over 30 leading British
and Irish pop musicians, recorded the song "Do They Know It's
Christmas?" to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia.

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which is worthy of people's devotion.  
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