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Beorhtwulf (died 852) was King of the Mercians from 839 or 840 to 852.
His ancestry is unknown, though he may have been connected to Beornwulf,
who ruled Mercia in the 820s. Beorhtwulf restarted a Mercian coinage
early in his reign, initially with strong similarities to the coins of
Æthelwulf of Wessex, and later with independent designs. The Vikings
attacked soon after Beorhtwulf's accession: the province of Lindsey was
raided in 841, and London, a key centre of Mercian commerce, was
attacked the following year. Another Viking assault on London in 851
"put Beorhtwulf to flight", according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle; the
Vikings were subsequently defeated by Æthelwulf. Berkshire appears to
have passed from Mercian to West Saxon control during Beorhtwulf's
reign. The Welsh are recorded to have rebelled against Beorhtwulf's
successor, Burgred, shortly after Beorhtwulf's death, suggesting that
Beorhtwulf had been their overlord. Charters from his reign show a
strained relationship with the church, as he seized land and
subsequently returned it. Beorhtwulf and his wife, Sæthryth, may have
had two sons, Beorhtfrith and Beorhtric. Beorhtwulf's death is not

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